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--- Quote from: BudM on August 28, 2016, 08:14:08 PM ---So a bar code tells them that you are alive?  Or just that it has been returned?  Who looks at the signature to guess that it is actually yours?  For that matter who at SSA decides if you receive one of these forms every year or never at all?  What is the criteria?  Is it possible that it depends on the citizenship of your spouse?  Mine is a Philippine citizen.  Just curious as to how the determination is made.  Like I said, I got a notice only 6 months in to my benefits.  Looks like I will be receiving one yearly until my wife has to contact them and tell them that I given life the boot.

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The Bar code is part of there Automation process/Lazy way of doing things easy.also sending the Form out to you once a year is also Automatic process.crazy i know but one year my letter never came and I forgot about not getting one yep in Feb I was stopped.I called the ss here like I said dont waste your time please call the usa ss dept in wilkes PA ....ok later I will provide a number right now its late and I am being a Bit Lazy ,hope the info helps some one.

I have yet to get a response back from the SSA office here pertaining to a question or two that I have had.  Back when I first applied and began drawing, I called the US number.  I had taken my bank account number for direct deposit off of my prior year's tax return and it turned out to be a digit off where I made an error on the tax return.  I don't know how in the world my tax refund when through with the wrong number the previous year but it did.  So, I called the number there when I found out my first deposit had not gone through after I checked it out and saw my mistake.  They took care of it right away but you are right, you don't get the same thing here.


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