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How much is too much?

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I have nothing wrong with what Mr Lee is doing.  Truth is, he finds the articles usually that are of interest and pertaining to the Phils, which is one of the rules of this site.  He gets the news to those of us who pretty much just ignore tv and local radio. 

Most on here just ask questions to learn about living here and a few times articles are posted by the rest.  I have never been on any other sites really.  I'm not into drama.  If I was, there are many movies or just have to walk from my house to Tina's family's house and I'll get all the drama I need.  From what I've been told some of those other sites can get dramatic and full of tense arguments.  This one is a little be more mannerly.  So probably not as popular to the drama queens and kings.


--- Quote from: Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am on March 04, 2016, 11:27:01 AM ---All forums are not alike, this forum is restricted to mainly of topics about the Philippines created by the owner, Don Herrington which is his prerogative and members have to abide by his rules. It's his forum and is run the way he wants it. So, going off topic is a NO NO, but sometimes tolerated by Admin and the moderators on here and that's why they sometimes make posts more often than other regular members on here.
I'm only one of a few Fil/Ams on here and have lived here 18 yrs and only post when members on here need assistance and or information about the Philippines and or of other topics I've experience all the years I've been living here.
So, the OP's question "How much is too much?", is sort of a misnomer! JMHO!

Definition of mis·no·mer as I see it to answer the OP's question! 
misˈnōmər - noun
a wrong or inaccurate name or designation.
synonyms:   inaccurate name/label/designation, wrong name/label/designation, inappropriate name/label/designation.

--- End quote ---

This forum has a World News section and a hidden section about other topics, so posts that are not about the Philippines are allowed and especially if those would be of interest to members, and besides that, the rules of this forum are much looser while I am one of those administrating it than ever before, now that is not an insult to those who ran it before, or to the other admins, IMHO they ran/run it much better than I ever could and I wish Jack would come back and take over again and that the other moderators and admins would post more often, so I can be just a regular member. I never minded dealing with spammers, which BTW also accounts for a lot of my post count and which are in the moderator and administrator sections, so not seen by members.

Other members are welcome to comment and I actually welcome all opinions, so if members wish me to stop posting please, please, please say so, I post to help others, if the majority feel my posts are annoying rather than helpful, then I will happily stay in the moderator section of the forum and just deal with spammers.

Also, BTW I am a moderator on another forum and hardly ever post on there.


--- Quote from: blindman on March 04, 2016, 09:45:10 AM ---Do most members like one member making most of the posts on this forum?

--- End quote ---
Doesnt bother me, I can read what interests me and not read what doesnt, regardless of who posts it.


--- Quote from: jjcabgou on March 04, 2016, 06:33:48 PM ---Doesnt bother me, I can read what interests me and not read what doesnt, regardless of who posts it.

--- End quote ---

This ^. It's like watching TV. If you don't like the program, change the channel. I don't care who posts or how many times someone posts. I think the more (posts) the merrier.

any post is a good regardless of who posts it if it helps 1 person or many or even if just to entertain people no one should care who posts and how many times its childish . i read all new posts regardless if any of it i need just to keep informed by news and such . like metioned before i dont read paper listen to radio or watch tv news so if anything intresting pops up im sure ill get it here because of the nice people keeping us all informed .i dont think i have started topics because thats me im a reader and reply where or where i feel needed as do many others here. if you feel 1 person is posting too much too bad that person feels they need to inform or entertain others or just idle chit chat thats what a forum is for .sorry to anyone offended just my 2cents :)


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