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Just a heads up for you VA Comp recipients


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
[color=red]This thread is no longer up to date as of Jul 3, 2014, there are no longer any DSO/VSOs in the Philippines[/color]

I just got wind of this from another forum and just want Veterans on this forum to know just in case they are in need of a VSO here in the Philippines!

Veterans Affairs new DSO /VSO info Aug 5, 2012

We have a new DSO/VSO to work issues through the VA.
Like the previous DSO, you don\'t need to be a member of the VFW, but your Power of Attorney must be with them.

The new DSO is Don Melendy. He is still in the process of moving into his office at the VA and therefore can be reached at the Following phone number in Angeles City 045-892-2407.

He has two Email Addresses
Don Melendy <> OR
Don Melendy <>

He hasn\'t been assigned a VA Phone Number or Email yet - I will update when I get that information.

I got this update from John Gilbert as I have indicated below

John H. Gilbert, Ed.D.
1SG, USA (Ret)
Commander, VFW Post 2485
Chairman, Clark Veterans Cemetery

P.S. Peter Scalzo is no longer VSO at VFW
in Angeles City since May 14, 2012

Hey Art, is this information still current?


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
No it's not current, because on another forum a few months ago, it was stated that there are no longer any DSO/VSOs at the VA in Manila or at any of the VFW organizations!
Haven't really checked into it lately. If you do find any information, let us all know here!


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