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Anyone having trouble with the Manila VA Clinic???

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Hey folks, it's been a long time since I posted here, accept my apologizes for not popping in more often.

I have been experiencing substantial delays with the Manila VA. I live in Iloilo, needed to see a Derm. Doc. and they provided me with a referral. All was good with three visits but after a severe bad reaction to some medication they have been putting me off for the most recent referral request, since May. They have pictures of my sever condition provided by the Iloilo Derm. Doc., they (Manila VA) keeps telling me they will provide a referral but...

Yesterday, Sat. 7th I was trying to send a secure message as I've done many times in the past, I get the following notice:

"No Provider Relationship Found
To send a Secure Message, both you and your VA primary care provider must be enrolled in the Secure Messaging program. Please contact your primary care provider to see if they are participating in Secure Messaging, and if they are, ask them to enroll you in the program." I've been using this system for about two years.

So it seems I have been "cut off". I will attempt to call them tomorrow (Monday) and each following day until I can speak with someone but I'm just wondering, is it just me or are others having trouble?

As a note, I also sent them paper work for the Agent Orange Registry and Form 21-526EZ, sent LBC and I know they got the doc's at the front desk, sent Mayella (Patient Advocate) a secure message letting her know they were delivered (5/13/14) and asking her to confirm receipt and delivery to the correct person but have not heard back from her.

So can anyone give me an idea of what I might want to expect?

Thanks in advance for your help and support.


I have nothing but great support from the VA OPC has your primary care provider changed? Delete your cookies and try again.

Thanks for the reply, glad your doing well with them. Yes, my primary provider has changed four times in the last year, I figure that might have something to do with this no access to the Secure Messaging.

The lack of referral follow up has me baffled, several months and no referral. Will try calling them again this morning.

Oh, yes I did delete the cookies.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Welcome back Robin on here! I noticed your introduction was way back in July of 2009! I assume you and your wife are finally retired and living in the Philippines, looks like in Iloilo!
Again, welcome!
As for your VA concerns, I don't really use them even though I have a VA Comp from them, we have TRICARE instead when I started receiving my USAF Reserve military pension at age 60 5 yrs ago. 
Just continue in trying to contact the Manila VA every which way you can!
I too am working on my other VA claims concerning Agent Orange, but it's a long drawn out process that is overwhelming, but I'm still at it slowly, but surely. 
Good luck!

Robin, i was at the clinic april 28th and had to return june 13th; from my observation they are operating under staffed.. i had very little problems in all the years i have been going there; my derm referral was great (tagbilaran city, bohol) a few years back;.. btw, the VA is sending out letters for clients to fill out and mail in the marked envelope inclosed referring to the clinic being used by the client; i just returned mine today....... hope this helps..


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