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With help from Rufus, I can now post clickable thumbs from the "original" version of Photobucket.

However, even though I like the "new" version, I cannot locate an "IMG Thumb Code" for "Bulletin Boards & Forums" such as exists on the old version.

If anyone is using the new version and posting clickable thumbs to the Forum, please let me know where you are finding the code.

Thanks, Tom.

If you pull down the drop menu on your username, you can select user settings.
Then click the albums tab.
You can then select the "IMG thumb" box and this will set it as your default.
Then it will be in the Image link to the right after you click on the pic you wish to share.

Gray Wolf:
Let's see if I have this correct:

Wow!  It worked!

Tom, in the new version of PhotoBucket, click on the photo you want to post.  Then open the "Image Links" pulldown menu.  When It opens, selct the Thumbnail image code (it should automatically "copy" for you)
Then place your cursor where you want it in your post and click "Ctrl+V" on your keyboard.

Hmmmmm... it worked last night, but now it's not.   GGGRRRRrrr!!!!!   >:(

Gray Wolf:
Trying again after checking and changing some settings in PhotoBucket:

It's a thumbnail, but not a clickable variety.      ????

I'm afflicted with the dreaded ID10T syndrome!   :o :-\ :'(


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