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To shut down or go to standy, sleep or hibernate mode?

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
If one is a daily PC user, what's best for one's PC when finished, but will use it again the next day or just after 6 to 8 hrs? Shut it down or go to standby, sleep or hibernate mode? What's the wear and tear factor of a hard drive, hardware or software of a PC if constantly started up and shut down in between use? I personally do all 4 modes some of the time, but when away from the house a few days I just shut it down! What's anyone's pros and cons? My desk top is now 7 yrs old using Windows Vista and have had only a few minor issues in all that time when my OS crashed and I just reformatted my hard drive using it's dual core factory settings.
Just today, I thought my desktop hard drive was going bad because it was taking 3 times as long to start up, hanging up with a blank screen! I did a system restore to a previous day and it fixed the problem thank goodness! So far so good the past few years without any major problems, "knock on wood"! I'm no computer whiz, but I get by!
A few months ago my Dell 8.9" mini lap XP OS crashed, but I had to take it into a PC repair shop to have it reformatted, because it didn't have a built-in CD/DVD player and I didn't have an external drive! I have an external drive now and use it once every so often, but I still can't figure out to use it to reform my mini laptop, it's just that difficult with a different OS and or laptop! My XP OS is fine now on my mini laptop!
My wife's Toshba 2 yr old 17" laptop's hard drive froze up needing to replace the hard drive, P4,500 a 400+ Gig Gateway brand! Now works fine too! All's well that ends well! "Knock on wood"!       

I leave mine on all the time.
My desktop is on 24/7/365 with no probs. I leave it on cuz it is a print/data server and all the other devices in the house have access to it.
The only time I turn off my laptop is when I'm out and about and will not have an opportunity to plug it in before my battery will die. It's easier to turn it off and on, rather than be stuck with a dead unit.
My old 2003 Dell desktop (which is still chuggin along) was on 24/7/365 until I donated it to my boy last year, and I think he only turns it off just cuz he doesn't wanna hear the fans going.

My PC is on from 6.30am to 9.00pm every day but I do turn it off at night. I see no point in using electricity and spinning the hard drive for no reason. I am still using PATA hard drives that are over 5 years old. I have used a programme called HDD Regenerator when I started getting problems and it has worked fine ever since. That was over a year ago. I will switch to standby occasionally, at lunch breaks etc, if I am not downloading something. I do have my hard drives in plug in trays so that if I have a problem, I can unplug the drive, plug another one in and be up and running in a few minutes.

You can set your computer to go to sleep and turn off the hard drives after a specified amount of time and the hard drives will not be active.
I prefer this method, since it gives me instant access to my computimo box rather that having to go through the boot process.
I am a very impatient RUFUS  :D

Here is an OK article that might give Art an answer to his query...

I shut mine down if I know I will be away for more than 2 hours, otherwise it is on all day and then shut down at night before bed.


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