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Java Security Risk

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Gray Wolf:
It has been posted on several online sources that Java has been linked to security issues recently.  I haven't as of yet removed or disabled Java on my computer, but I feel it is of such significant risk that everyone should read up on this as much as possible to determine what, if anything, they should do to secure their computers from any security breeches.

Here is a page full of Java related links so that you may all read about this problem.

"Thank You!" to Graham Timms in Cagayan de Oro for advising me about this serious security subject.   :)

I followed the advice on the link that Graham gave, and disabled Java on Firefox. I did notice that the add-on  give a warning of possible problems by using it :-\. I have not seen any adverse effects so far, so maybe it is not needed.

Gray Wolf:
I've had Java disabled for quite a while on my computer and have had no issues whatsoever.  That being the case (for me anyway) I think I shall remove Java completely.

Gray Wolf:
Oracle patches multiple Java zero-day holes, increases default security
 Summary: Oracle has delivered on its promise to quickly make available a patch
 for the zero-day vulnerability discovered last week, but its patch doesn't just
 close off that hole, it closes off another that may have been lurking around for
 much longer.
 Full story here:\
 I've removed Java from my computer completely and have found no issues related to that removal. YMMV
 Gray Wolf

Java isn't a necessary program to surf the web, but you should not remove it out of fear.
Just disable it and if you get to a website that requires it, your computer will prompt you to turn it on.
After that, you can disable it again.
I'm sure Java will fix the problem quickly cuz they make brazillions of dollars a year and can't afford to get a bad rep.


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