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Free Adobe Photoshop Lightroom V5 Beta


Palawan Aussie:
For people into photography, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Version 5 Beta is available free until June 30th.

See <>

Snipped quote ..

"Welcome to the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 public beta. We're excited about the new features and advancements in the new Lightroom 5 beta and we hope you will be, too. This page includes information about Lightroom, details about the beta release of Lightroom 5, and access to Lightroom 5 beta software.

Lightroom was designed for photographers and by photographers to help them focus on what they love the art and craft of photography.

The Lightroom 5 beta program is available to the public. Anyone with an Internet connection can download it and start putting it to the test. You do not need to own (or have tried) a previous version of Lightroom. You can download the beta and use it until the product expires on June 30, 2013."

(Note, a free Adobe login is required to download the free beta version)

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