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What are your recommended Philippine Investment Vehicles of Choice?

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Another advice guys :)

Sounds maybe obvious but atleast a lot of Norwegians don\'t understand it:

Pay down your debt, better sooner than later.

Nothing kills an economy, personally as in business, like giving away all your profit to handle the interest of a to high and/or a growing debt.

I think to many starts their business with to high debt, and with to high ambitions, and they are to impatience to let their business grow in an economical healthy pace.

To much to fast, and they forget that its a huge difference between an earned dollar and a credit dollar.

Best investment choice in the Philippines.  Paid for home, zero debt, years supply of food, silver, gold, tools, small arms, skilled trade, brains.

US stocks and Bonds are a joke.  Total ponzi scheme ready to collapse.  See for updates on the current fiasco in the markets. 

The governments of the US and the ECB are printing money, both Europe and the US are done for.  When the rest of the world realizes what America did to the dollar and reserve currency, it will not be pretty.  The printing of money the last couple years is the reason why inflation is so bad. 

In the Philippines you need to put yourself in a self reliant mode.  Dependence on pensions, social security, mutual funds, anything that you can not physically hold in your hand or stand on is folly.  It is a mathematical certainty that American social security will collapse and that US Gov treasury notes will default.  Same goes with Euro pensions and Euro bonds.

 The social safety net for Filipinos is very small, for foreigners it is nonexistent.  You get sick, injured, broke, no one will help you unless you got something in trade.  Your relatives prob won\'t even help your Filipino wife and half Filipino children Because they will assume that you are the \"rich white guy\" and either thru envy or plain jealousy will have a bout of pleasure at seeing your downfall. No matter how much you help them, unless you are one of the very small minority who has truly assimilated will ever see your kindness repaid. 

Think about putting your paid for home off the grid, install some solar panels, install a cistern and or well, with a good quality water filtration system.  Then have a skilled trade, something that has real value.  Plant a garden or at least have garden seed.  Even if things take 5 years more to collapse in the US, you still got a roof over your head, your lights on, food in your belly, and water to drink. 

Being prepared this way first, will let you have the luxury of looking at other investments because you are not desperate and hungry. 

I learned the hard way this experience.  I lost nearly everything I had several times in my life, and I am only 37.  I finally learned the long game. Something my father nor my school, nor my military training taught me.  It has taken me since October 2003 to get from Zero to nearly self reliant in my home.  Not there yet, but in a couple months, I will be off the grid except for my machine shop and we have been debt free since last August.

We are even putting away a years worth of food in the pantry for us and family members.  The security that we do not have to worry about food, or utility bills if a emergency happens like illness, injury, unemployment, or national crisis is the best thing a man can have for his family.

Gray Wolf:

Your post should be required reading for eveyone.  Excellent information, sir! 

Thank you!  :)

Metz.. All those Ideas Are Excellent I Have to Keep them in Mind also within 2-1/2 years as i am going to give up the Cold High Prices and Taxing Life here in the USA and Sell My Condo and move to the Philippines will Build a Small House with my Fiancee. I am Going the Philippines in March to Get Married in April to my fiancee In Bohol and When I\'m Down there we will look for land and a Little store to start a small Business ... All the Information on this form is Great ..I would Love to use Alternative to there electricity solar must be a Little expensive i don\'t know thats would Be Practical for sure.....Dave

Metz, an excellent post, and while I would not disagree with a lot of the things you say, I am perhaps a little more conservative and hopeful. Certainly the US and EU are on a downhill slide but it will be many years before countries such as China take up the reins. The developed countries will, in time, be forced to downgrade in respect to the total world population. Most of the ‘richer’ people live on credit’, this has to stop. The US will go through its ‘ups and downs’ but will continue to stagger through all these crisis’s without too serious an effect on the present adult population. The EU made the mistake of taking in too many countries and needs some serious reorganizing. Fortunately, for me, the UK is not part of the monetary union and will not be too badly affected.

I don’t agree that the Filipino families will refuse to help. This may happen in a very few cases, but I have more faith in them than you seem to have.

Most of your recommendation for becoming independent are good. Solar panels are the way to go, but are too expensive at the moment to make a good investment. Water is cheap and plentiful, a well would be useful, but again expensive filtration systems are not economically justifiable. Growing vegetable and perhaps keeping some livestock would be good, but a year’s supply of food ???

I am not an economist nor too much into politics, these are just my personal opinions.



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