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Post by: Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am on July 01, 2014, 04:32:28 PM
Just read this on Facebook and Twitter today, which seems to be just a reminder for 2014 to those it pertains to!

Bureau of Immigration, Republic of the Philippines

The Alien Registration Division (ARD) reminds all registered aliens as follows:

1. Incomplete and/or improperly accomplished registration forms shall be dismissed;
2. To register and secure the ACR I-Card only through authorized persons;
3. To report, in writing, changes in information (e.g., civil status, citizenship, address and the like) in order to avoid sanctions, including imprisonment for not more than six (6) months;
4. To pay the Annual Report fee within the first 60 days of each year, unless exempted by law;
5. To renew ACR I-Cards at least three months in advance of pre-scheduled travels;
6. To check printed data on the ACR I-Cards and promptly report errors and/or discrepancies;
7. To avoid false statements, misrepresentation and fraud in any immigration matter under the pain of visa cancellation/forfeiture and/or deportation;
8. To secure regular/paper-based Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) 72 hours before departure for the following:
a. Holders of Temporary Visitorís /Tourist (9a) Visa, who stayed for more than 6 months;
b. Immigrants and Non-Immigrants with downgraded or expired visas except (a);
c. Immigrants and Non-immigrants with valid visas, who are leaving for good except (a);
d. Philippine-born temporary visitors, who are leaving for the first time;
e. Foreign nationals with orders to leave; and
f. Foreign Seafarers, with BI-approved discharge, who stayed for more than 30 days.
9. All ACR I-Card holders, not included above, who are temporarily leaving the country may pay ECC RP/SRC fees at airports.

For queries, please contact (632) 465 2400 local 205 (ARD), e-mail and or visit our social media accounts, officialbureauofimmigration on Facebook and @immigrationPH on Twitter.