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The family I am going to be living with in Catarman found a unexploded bomb in the ground of their lot.  They were building an addition and found it that way.  I was sorta excited about it, only to be told that those are found about 1 every 3 months in Catarman.  I asked what they were going to do with it.  They said it was already gone to wherever the government takes them and that they followed protocol. (called security, security called military at local office, military finishes unearthing it, and then take it) 
But that was something I really think is interesting.  That so many unexploded bombs are in the ground that about 65 years after the war was going on, these are still being found so often.  I'll see if I can find the links they sent me to their local paper. But each time one is found, the local media only puts a small blurb of it in their print media.  That's all it's worth to them because of how often it happens.
Thanks for the maps.  Saving this link on my bookmarks.  Going to be living on Samar, so will be fun to take a few trips down there to Leyte and check those out. 

There is also some interesting stuff in Samar, a friend of ours lives in Cataman  there are a couple of airfields there also.  I believe the largest is still there...At least I have some pictures of her on one of the abandoned airfields...they drag bikes there now
You will be about 4 hours from Tacloban.  You probably know one of the largest Naval battles was off the coast.  There is some good information on the web.  If you get here and want to spend the weekend exploring just let me know.  Motorcycles are the best way as some of the roads getting into the sites are almost gone.  ....Also and I am not considered to be overly cautious, some areas in Samar are known habitats for the some care should be exercised when going to certain areas ...Lee

Was messing around today and found some interesting links to Tommy McGuire and Richard Bong, I was unaware that both of them flew out of Tacloban airfield which is now the Tacloban airport.

For those of you that love this stuff, the parent site acepilots is a wealth of infomation


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