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Unwed mothers, has it become acceptable?

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Then there's always the married man getting a "mistress" pregnant.  Then the drama that follows with the married man's wife and his pregnant mistress. 
Tina's cousin is the mistress in this situation.  After Tina told her repeatedly to leave him(married military officer) alone, well, she didn't and ended up pregnant.  Now has a little boy.  The "dad" agreed to support, but the wife doesn't want that.  Oh the drama.  LOL  always more fun in the Phils.  Don't need to watch soaps, just open eyes to what goes on around you.

That is one of the sad parts of relationships like that joelp, we personally have a situation heading in the same direction, but has refused any warning of trouble in the making; the philippines is wonderful and there are many people here and it is sad to see one heading down the wrong path and refuse to listen to other family members in regards to it; this girl has to take a side step when the mans wife come for a couple of weeks and she is then  like a lost dog in its own yard until the wife returns back to her country; To most this is unacceptable so it does kinda cast a shadow on the unwed mother issue; You can't blame the child for the child did not ask to be here;... In all my years i have never even once seen one who is a third party come to a good end; if a man/woman will have another behind the others back, then they will do the same to the third party if given the chance;....


--- Quote from: Killjoygreg on July 08, 2014, 05:55:05 AM ---It seems to me the average Filipino is shunning weddings, for whatever reason I have no idea. None of the younger people in our family attend church and I can only assume they not as religious as the parents or grandparents.
Now all they need to do is use contraception. Young girls appear to want to get pregnant.

--- End quote ---

Shunning weddings is not just a Filipino action, it is very much world wide, but is more prevalent in the poorer countries, or should I say, more noticeable in poorer communities not countries.

As an ex RC priest, its quite poor judgement, to berate this young girl, in front of the congregation. In many poorer communities around the world, the decision to have (or not) babies, is borne from the need or feeling of being loved or the in built need to love someone. For these young people living in these poorer areas, money is the means to life and existence, as many work long hours just to survive from day to day. Therefore, life is quite uninteresting and desolate, for many people, as they try to actually figure out how to actually deal with life. There does not appear to be too many role models, in these communities. Maybe the real role models, became educated and have moved away from the poorer areas, leaving the lesser educated to make what many will consider, as not good decisions. So when people talk about contraception and talking about family planning in high school, well this is so sad to say, many young people in these areas, never make it to high school.

The issue is not about specifically educating people on family planning, it is about sharing the wealth, education, social understanding and that part falls back onto the more affluent and policy makers for these areas and countries. Life today seems to be more about how much money can we make. Referring to companies and the rich, who seem to continually prey on the poorer and less educated. The priest was not considerate, charitable, understanding, forgiveness or even had a reasonable grasp on the conditions dealt to lesser educated people, in todays world.

Please do not let us judge others, as I am sure we have all been, at times, less considerate, charitable, understanding towards those who have not had the same opportunities as You and I have had. Please forgive those in this girls situation and if you can, be apart of the solution and not just be a silent participant and contributor and extend your hand of support and help. This does not mean give money, it means, help in any way you can. Just understand Her lot in life.

Ok soap box has been put away.

More than half (907,061 or 53.3%) of the total registered live births in 2017 were born out of wedlock

That number is rising. In 2011, it was 44.6%. In 2009, it was 40.7%. It appears it is acceptable , but at what point will it cause social problems? By 2030, will it be 70%?


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