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Visiting Palawan

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My friends and I are considering a trip down to the island of Palawan, more specifically, the El Nido area...flying into Puerto Princesa. It
looks beautiful, but then again most promotional photos do :) Looks like we can get a pretty good deal.

Does anyone have experience, advice, information about the region, vacationing and/or living there, etc.?

Salamat! -Matthew


I have moved this into the correct board & hope now you get a reply. Colin Reader is from Palawan & has some photo\'s of Puerto Princesa here:

I am sure he will be happy to supply you with the info you want.

Also I seem to recall that there was a trip report to Palawan on the yahoogroups site on how to enjoy Palawan with staying at glitzy resort (and thus missing on what the true Palawan is like).

Any plans to migrate some of the excellent posts from yahoogroups here......


I visited Palawan in October. I have been to the Phils 6 times but never to Palawan. Lets just say the short trip from manila was worth it.

If you can go do it!


C\'mon Colin,

How\'s about sharing something about your chosen piece of the Philippines with our members?


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