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Quote from: stillbilly2002 on January 23, 2008, 08:05:37 AM
:)great to see all this info im doing a deep recon and continue to find nada on ym wifes province
   which is   Catanduance west of the town orf Legaspi.......see ya     

Mis-spelled? There is a Catanduanes province but it\'s not in Visayas but in Bicol region....
40km North East (not west) of Legaspi/Ledazpi Luzon

There are Visayan influences in the language

It\'s one of the places I\'ll be re-conning later this year

 ;D thanks for the correction ...............good suggested sites to visit...i do better when i just read and take in all the good advice
 from Don ,yourself and all the others

It\'s a georgous place by all accounts except for the \"chin music\" that typhoons tend to play on it

Lived there for 3 months myself, it is very beautiful. But like other provinces, road laws do not exist so be careful out there. The typhoons should be dying off by this time of the year, my asawa is there at the moment, she says it is very windy and has rained non stop for a week. Landslides are common at the moment as well. If you like to surf, try Baras, but warning, its in the middle of a 60km goat track passing for a road. Even the goats stay off it, and the carabou won\'t even go near it.

You will find patches of passable concrete though, they start 50 yards after you enter a barangay and stop 50 yards before you leave, some of these barangays were 125 yards long, so the concrete was more of a nuisance than a help, it lulls you into a feeling of security for about 4 seconds.

3 ways to get there at the moment, Fly, Asian Spirit goes Monday, Wed and Fri, and sometimes Sunday, about 3500p for the fare one way, Ferry is second, 1100p for your car, driver is included, about 200p per extra passenger, there is also 110p port fee per car, book early, we have arrived 6 hrs before ferry and missed a ride, fully booked. Make sure you have the ORCR for the car with you at all times. Last method is swim, don\'t highly recommend it, the island is 27 nautical miles from Tabaco, I think its further than Dover to Calais, the ferries don\'t brake for tired swimmers, and its very deep so don\'t try to stand up half way its a long way down.

When ever the US navy is in the area, which is often, the ferry is guided half way by Philippine coast guard to make sure we don\'t get to close, and they have someone actually stand with his hands of the 50 cal the whole trip out, its a little scary. Once you get closer to the US Navy, some nasty helicopters buzz the ship, and occasionally we have had a fly over by a an A10, fly over is not a good term, a close shave is better, I swear I could have counted the rivets in the airframe, without my glasses (and I need those to see).

So by all means go over and take a look, we have NPA there, some killings very close to town, actually within 1km of my house when I was there last, but they have a good market, a couple of supermarkets, and one or 2 places for night life, but thats all. 2 to be exact, don\'t count on resorts, a resort in Catanduanes, means a place to sit under a bamboo hut and drink beer. No pools, just the beach, the river and the falls. Oh and yes one more thing, the active volcano Mayon is just across the way, about 45 miles away, it must have cancer by now as it smokes every day.

Have fun


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 ;D all of my Pinoy family live in Baras wife going april 1st.   the pics are great ...i last visited to meet my wife in 2004.
we are 3 km. from a beach expert surfers use.we are building a house further from the beach in another part of Baras  for my inlaws.
 right now the are evacuated due to the rain and mudslides. take care.......fell in love with the place even though theres allwas a crisis.................


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