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John Amend-All:
In Isabela province the maharlika (national highway) goes straight north well away from the east coast. Halfway into the province there is a turn off to a town called San Mariano, about 20kms to the east. After that, nothing save rolling forested hills all the way to the coast. It\'s a frontier town. We went there in search of good wooden furniture, of which there is plenty, possibly accounting for the denuded hills around!

In 1999, a fisherman pulled in an unusual catch - a Philippine Crocodile, described as \"the most critically endangered species in the world today\". I believe it. Sometimes the old folk here reminisce of bathing in the river when they were children and having to scamper out sharpish as something with large teeth came chasing them. Unfortunately, the recollection usually surfaced after liberal quantities of Grand Matador had been consumed, so no-one took any notice. There had been no sightings of a croc for decades in the province until the lucky fisherman pulled out Margie.

Now at least one croc has been released back into the wild and one day, sung araw, I am going to see it basking in the creek. I think Margie\'s relatives are safe, everywhere you look in San Mariano you can see images of Margie, she has put the town on the map.

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