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I used to do the bank wire transfer ($35), ATM card, and western Union.† Try paying off a 1.6m mortgage balance at withdrawals of 10k at a time. >:(

Finally got to work with my present bank. My previous bank alwways blocked the transfers as a fraud alert so I had given up that till I switched banks.

Can only transfer $2999 at a time, and $7000 in a 30 day period.† However at $5.99 for a transaction and one to three hour transaction time, it has worked out much better than anything else.†

They will also do cash deliveries, if the receiver has no bank account, or you are sending the† money to yourself, (like if you are stuck in a hospital)


--- Quote from: Metz on February 17, 2012, 01:51:00 PM --- My previous bank alwways blocked the transfers as a fraud alert so I had given up that till I switched banks.
--- End quote ---

My bank did the same thing to me on my first attempt to use Xoom.† I phoned them and explained what Xoom was, (they had never heard of them).† Everything worked fine from there...

Gray Wolf:
We use Xoom for all our transfers.† I started with bank to bank wire transfers.† But the fee on my end plus the fee charged by the receiving bank were too much.† We went from wire transfers, to Western Union, to ATM cards and now finally with Xoom.†

So far Xoom is the cheapest and very fast.† I can send money, get a confirmation number in my Inbox and by the time my brother in law can ride from his house to Phase 1 where the Lhuhillier is located, the cash is ready, just minutes from when I get my confirmation number.

Xoom is the only way I have ever tried.† I had to make an initial payment of 50% to reserve the condo unit that I am renting for my upcoming vacation.† I looked at the Western Union and Xoom sites to see what I thought the best way might be.† The unit manager was going to be at the complex the following day and then she would not be back for a couple of weeks.† The unit had been advertised at USD so I asked her if she wanted the payment in USD or Peso.† She told me USD because then I wouldn\'t have to mess with the exchange rate.† My girlfriend said she would take the money to her so I figured I better get the money there in a hurry.†  I decided to go with Xoom and I also got the confirmation within a couple minutes that it was ready for pickup.† My girlfriend has an SM a couple of blocks from where she lives and it has a BDO branch that she uses.† If I remember right, the BDO there is where she would have been able to make the pickup.† The next day she tells me the condo was taken care.† Well, Xoom even tells you when the money is picked up as they sent me an email almost a week later telling me that it just had been picked up.† I asked my girlfriend about it and she says that was correct.† I then asked her about the condo and she again told me the payment was made.† It turned out she had gone there and made the payment in pesos but Xoom had come through as advertised.

Gray Wolf:
Yep, I get a confirmation email within minutes of the money being retrieved.† Good service and decent exchange rate.


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