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Premixed concrete


Iíve been exploring the idea of building with premixed and pumped concrete. I have some experience with it here in California from concrete forms to pouring, curing and finishing. My interest is in a 3 bedroom single level bungalow. Iím also considering insulated concrete forms like BuildBlock or TridiPanels. ĎNet search show that these systems may be available there but at an increased cost of about 30% over conventional block construction.  The merits of conventional block construction vs these newer systems i.e. local skilled labor and knowledge, materials availability, convenience and cost effectiveness is not what I intend to discuss. Rather, Iíd like to know if any of you have witnessed this type of construction there, if youíve spoken to anyone that has done this. I intend to build in the area of Capas, Pampanga neighboring town to Angeles City.  Also, input on cost of premix, concrete pumping and anything related to this type of construction, or perhaps local innovation incorporating this idea would be very much appreciated.


I have only heard about this type of construction being used in the PHL when building identical townhouses.  They use the molds over and over and the building time is reduced.


Thank you for the links gentlemen. The Cemex one seems to be the same as the formed concrete Iíve done here on a retaining wall Iíve worked on.  Used 3/4 ď plywood sprayed with diesel and snap ties to resist hydraulic concrete load blow outs. Forms can be used over about 6 times or so before becoming too worn.  Rebar grid inside the forms before the concrete pour provide the backbone.  Are there any concrete plants in the area with trucks that deliver say 6 yards of concrete at a time and are there concrete pumper services as they do here where currently live?

The Sibonga link shows a version of ICF mimicking the TridiPanels but without the wire framework within the EPS foam. Iím no structural engineer but using unsupported EPS foam as the central core of a wall without a solid tie-in to the concrete seems to entertain the delamination of the concrete outer from the foam when concrete cracks as it inevitably will such as during an earthquake. 

If not close to Angeles, perhaps someone in the greater region of practical distance for a concrete truck delivery knows of a concrete plant and provide a lead.  I planned a vacation there in February to get a ďboots in the groundĒ look see but it would be nice to have places and resources I plan to visit lined up for efficiency.


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