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Gardening for the Philippine Zombie Apocalypse

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How to make Insecticide, Pesticide , Fungicide , Antibiotics Miracle All in one Solution.

City Gardening video channel

Part 1 I Mga Gulay Na Dapat Mong Itanim Ngayong May Krisis

Don Bustamante Rooftop Gardening video channel

How to Grow Okra from Seeds to Harvest

Everyone Can Garden video channel

Ya know what I did this morning?

I gave a 80 kilo rice sack full of prutas/gulay and 10 kilo's of dressed kuneho carne to my bario pantry. 

Because they asked, I made a second trip and delivered the offal.  Pan fried ears, rabbit head sinigang, and pinapaitan are not my thing.  But if that polutan feeds my barangay and pleases them then they are welcome to it.

This is in addition to the tricycle full I sent to the family last night.

We created that value.  We did not finance, mortgage, re-hypothicate, lease, loan, or leverage it.  We created wealth ...... and chose to share it.   

That is the defining point between individualism and collectivism.  One is by choice, the other is by coercion.

The tourist lifestyle you ordered,  is no longer in stock.   I suggest in the strongest terms that you adapt.

Papaya Community Pantry from My Papaya Tree/Urban Gardening

Vhines Journey video channel


How to grow vegetables in your MANILA CONDO (URBAN GARDENING TIPS)

Chris Urbano video channel "urban" search




BALAT NG SAGING, PAMPATABA NG HALAMAN! (Banana Peel Fertilizer Tutorial)

Good one.

Haydee's Garden video channel


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