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--- Quote from: Gray Wolf on April 18, 2021, 01:02:21 AM ---Very important that a person learns proper firearm safety if you plan to own one  ;)

--- End quote ---

Lol....think about all the folks that went on a gun buying craze of the 90s, 2000s, 2010s & now 2020s who have no clue of how to store, load, fire, clean...etc. Many have never fired any weapon at all and will fail.

Just a couple of our family "Rules Of Engagement" with no certain order....not all inclusive....LOL!

LOL # 1-Know what yer buying and its potential use.....BB gun...[Shotgun(the sleepy Joe Biden Rule applies here)]...Pistol, Rifle ...LOL!
LOL # 2 Learn how it works...dismantle...clean...reassembly...for each member under the roof.... multiple times.... LOL!
LOL # 3 Train/practice on the weapon at some type of range and learn some type of profiecency... no less than every year...that's just 1 day out 365...LOL!
LOL # 4 When you train and clean.... "all members living under that roof train & clean also".....too easy.....LOL!
LOL # 5 Ensure you and those members know the stored locations of each weapon at all times....LOL!
LOL # 6 NEVER EVER store your weapon in a safe or have the trigger locked...LOL! LOL ! LOL !
LOL # 7 Always have the magazine/drum loaded at least 90%....LOL!
LOL # 8 Turn off all your lights at night and have all members find the stored locations...this is a fun yearly family event.....LOL!...LOL!!
LOL # 9 The only safety you should ever use is your trigger finger!!!!...Your weapon on safe will kill you first!!!
LOL # 10 If you squeeze the trigger....Be considerate and only speak to an'll be safer....LOL!!

BONUS....!!! BONUS...!!! BONUS....!!

LOL BONUS....When you get comfy with yourself, family etc. training.....keep one in the chamber!!!!....LOL!!!!! all others turn in your weapons' for the local Buy Back Weapons Program....LOL!


Rethinking Food and Agriculture - The myth of a food crisis (pp.93-111)  by Jonathan Latham, PhD

Asawa and I have done this for years.  A little bit of a P.I.T.A.  but well worth it.   

As you clean fish for your meals, keep the offal.  We freeze it.  Little by little you can gather up enough to make a sizable batch.

****  Bonus PRO tip **** 

This liquid is an amazing tranquilizer for animals.  We have used it on poultry and our dogs.  Exercise care.  This is strong stuff.  A spoonful goes a very long way.  Keep the liquor frozen until you need it. 

Comes in very handy when your Aso gets slashed up by diving through a rusty barbed wire pader  and you get pressed ganged into Vet duty.

Fertilizer na gawa sa HASANG at BITUKA ng ISDA

Pinoy Urban Gardener video channel


Let Food Be Thy Medicine


Farmageddon: The War on Family Farms

And to put tassels on the Reynolds Wrap Sombrero  ......

Oregon Bill to BAN Livestock - Stunning War on Farming/Ranching


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