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Sometimes things just fall together.

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my story is much the same as most but its long story I will share later to this posts good post very informative to new and old members.

Thought I would post an update....Maline cut it off with her sisters the end of April...since then, the one that stole everything has bad mouthed her on FB etc but finally got tired of its been peaceful for almost a month and a half...the best thing to happen to us in years....and guess what, the food budget stays on speed, I left a 100p note out for a week and it was there when I went back..and I spend about half of what I was spending on beer...

Contrary to what some people think about how we should all adjust to fit in and accept, accept, accept and accept how the family, I say BS.  If they take and steal from you and when they try and walk all over you, it isn't going to happen here.  One bad apple in the bunch caused problems here and the law was laid down.  Now there isn't a problem since association was cut off.  Sure, a couple of others are upset now because it is supposed to be kissy, kissy, and all that and let's make up for the family.  BS.  Not when someone is willing to cut a sibs throat.  Nonsense had been going on too long as it was and now that I am in the picture, guess who's fault all the hate and discontent that brewed is being blamed on.  LoL.   My wife is happy, I am happy, most people who mean anything to us are happy and life is good.  Anyone of them who have a problem with it and any outsiders who do not agree all I can say is, tough crap.

And any of you who put yourself on a pedestal and us down (which there has been) because there might be a negative situation in among us and say that it is the way the family was bought up and you think everything is so pristine with every member of the family at your end, maybe so but if I was you, I would not bet my life savings on it.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
The only time that I had problems with my wife's family and relatives was always about money! My money, about half a million pesos that was never paid back! Hence, I stopped the gravy train dead in it's tracks! So, living far enough away from relatives did the trick! They're good people, but have no sense in money management when it comes to family business practices.   
We may not live in the Central Visaya's, but it's just the same no matter where one lives, it always seems to be all about the money! And no, what's mine is not theirs and never will be!


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