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Sometimes things just fall together.

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JoeLP i know what you are talking about. We also built a small house in a family compound back in year 2001.  Biggest mistake,
family members took advantage of us big time. There was always quarrel between the siblings. One sister took our light bulbs, our electric fans and was always in our house getting food. Other brother did not talk to us (tampo). We just ignored him.
Make a long story short we moved out after finding a nice lot and build our house. Fence all around and gate is always locked. Told them they are welcome for visits but at the least sign of a quarrel or anything i do not like then they will be banned.
We went through a lot with them. Never again.

To add to this, and at the great displeasure of the family, Tina made it VERY clear, that the house is still hers.  As the senior in the family, with parents dead and the Tita not caring what goes on, she really has full rights to the house and control over it. 

So the plan is to rent the house out.  She has some bites, and if all works out, we'll get close to the same rental amount for our "city home" as what we will be paying for the home in the rural area.  And Tina made it VERY clear to them that they better not even look wrong at the new tenants or she'll make their lives hell.

Add to this that we paid the internet, land line phone, cable, and half the electric bill.  We have one tv, one small fridge, one water dispenser, a laptop and 2 fans.  The big house has a bake shop inside it.  So they have about twice the lights, a freezer, large fridge, at least 5 fans, microwave, 4 laptops going at all times.  Then the kitchen appliances.  From the small "open oven" to the kitchenaid mixers, and more. 

So gone is all that.  On top of the fact that if they were making a play for the house, they are out of luck.

Good on you JoeLP. I am pleased that things are moving forward for your own family. It is unfortunate you have to leave so much behind in the old place. But sometimes thats the price we have to pay. Keep smiling and I wish you well for your future place.


JoeLP...I'm really happy to see things working out for you and to you and medic3500....WOW! You both have excellent wives! They stuck by their man and I'm hoping my girl will do the same.

Lesson learned here and keeping your story always on my mind. Thanks for sharing! :)

It must be something in the weather or the stars or something unknown to me....the week before we left for Cebu, my wife had it out with her two sisters....and thats a good thing...somehow they seem to think that what Maline has they should have.  They are always coming over and eating and drinking us out of house and home, the older one thinks nothing of stealing anything that she can get her hands on, you could not leave anything around, I even had to put a lock on out bedroom door as she would steal makeup from my wife, money, whatever was loose.
Anyway to make a long story short, Maline found out they were bad mouthing us, so she called the older one over and told her basically all of them could get lost, and this time she finally meant it.
I cant wait to get the house built in the province...its at least 20 miles from here...out of sight out of mind.


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