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Sex is like pizza - Even when it is bad it serves its purpose.


--- Quote from: Lee on April 08, 2014, 02:46:06 PM ---Actually once they are converted you cannot tell the difference, how do I know, I used to manage a hobo hobo club back in Florida and we had a couple who worked there dancing without clothing and the men could not tell the difference.

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With that in mind, perhaps we should be looking at our wives rather carefully!

There was a documentary on UK tv recently that showed a straight British guy who had fallen in love with a thai transvestite, and together they ran a bar out there. And he (she) hadn't even had her 'downstairs' bits sorted out. I felt sorry for his son who flew out to see his father. All in all not very pleasant viewing.

On Filipinas, if the arm bends back at the elbow beyond straight then they are women and if not then they MAY be a man. Nothing in life is 100% but so far those I have tested it on worked that way.

Thanks Lee, Shirley is at work at the moment but I will 'test' her upon her return.

Hey guys, in all reality if your lady is having her periods, then obviously she is a woman but the elbow should work for anyone having a doubt. If the elbow does not work, then I would have a talk with your ladies explaining what it might means and then see what their reply might be.

Some of the indicators are not necessarily true. Some women have adams apples and I am sure there must be some women whose elbow may not bend backwards but a period, from what I have been told, is something no one can fake.


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