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Companies outside the Philippines helping Philippine citizens break the law

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Don't say nothing is being done.
Here's just one crime fighter against human trafficking
doing his civic duty.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Another intervention that things are being done to fight
human trafficking

Sorry I had to throw it out there, I believe a lot is being done, like picking on the girls that participate in these illegal activities.
I know it's not their fault that they were born into poverty, every city is heavily involved in sex, profiting from sex, bars, clubs etc.
This is because your government allows it, it's on the streets, in family homes, everywhere, like it's a normal, it's far from normal.

What kind of life is that for a young child to grow up in? surrounded by adults just waiting to exploit them, sweet talking them into sex.

sex with an internet full of perverts, in most cases these girs tink these perverts are their friends.
I'm not against sex, but I am against people using women and young girls to profit from sex, it's a crime, it's human trafficking.

It is a sad situation when females especially feel this is the best opportunity they have to make some money.
The world is messed up because of the people in it, the only way to stop these crimes is to put the website owners behind bars.
It shouldn't matter if they are 10,000 miles away, they are the main reason that these crimes are being committed every day.

Then maybe your economy might have some hope of improvement when people realize they actually have to work for a living.
Maybe with the help of government to improve wages and better opportunities for people that do want to work for a living.

We know a lot about your country, very low wages, people are working but it's not easy to get by on such low incomes.

All these websites should be the main targets, but unfortunately they are not or they wouldn't exist.
As long as these websites exist, young girls will find their way into the hands of adults waiting to exploit them.
Think about what I said, the amount of crimes these websites are responsible for, every day of the week.

Without mentioning any names, some of the main domain registrars provide the domain names for these websites.
Shouldn't they be held responsible for their part in aiding and abetting in criminal activities like the websites they allow online.

The facts are out there, they are taking in under age girls every day, even if they say they don't, they are still breaking the law.

Time to shut down the main sources of this problem once and for all.

Justica, we get your point and many of us, especially me, would like to see the criminal side of life put to an end, but the govt of the Philippines themselves seem to allow it with the many girlybars in many areas of the country, so I feel that if they got real with stopping the the take home from those bars, then possibly the rest of the world could get more real about stopping the online activity. Where there is demand, there will always be a product, so stopping the demand will never happen, thus stopping the activity will likely never happen. I do feel that if the Philippines made it where people could get decent salaries and more people could get jobs, then there would be a lot less of it going on, but even in the US where salaries are usually decent, prostitution and online videos are plentiful, it seems to me that it is just human nature for many people to want to watch those types of things, thus there will probably always be people using people to supply the demand.

Another issue I see in the Philippines is the parents putting such high demands on their children to bring home the money, possibly if the culture changed to where parents want to be independent and not pressure their children to send home their salaries, then possibly that too would slow down the illegal activities. Unfortunately stopping crime has become a no win situation, thus stopping that type of crime may never be solved either. Wherever there are those who seek to stay home and be supported by others, rather than by their own hard work, then there will always be the attitude of letting others do whatever it takes to bring home that money.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Foreigners are just guests of the Philippines and have no say in how their government runs their country.
I'm sure their new Presdent elect may possibly change things for the better. Only time will tell.


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