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I am planning on a trip in a few weeks to surprise my fiancee, the plan is to arrive and meet her sister (who is 16) in davao and then travel the next day to my fiancee, the thing is i need a hotel for me and her sister and her sister said that there are new rules (or similar) that in davao she cannot stay in a hotel as under 18? obviously i want a hotel with two rooms but i tried to book online and it came up with a error so is she right??? my fiancee hasnt seen me or her sister for 6 months hence why we want to surprise her.



just been reading through the forum and there was a post that is locked now with some guy who was going to meet a 16yr old, this is completely different as she will be my sis in law and i have zero interest in her but if we are out having dinner (her sister will be working the first day and she works nights) will i be in trouble by having dinner with someone so young?

Last time i was there all three of us were out having dinner and things were fine but after reading the other thread i am now more than a little concerned as i do not want to be seen as doing anything wrong.

Any advice is more than welocome  :-\

ummmmmm book two separate hotel rooms.   Of course you should NOT book a hotel room with a 16 year old girl.  Are you really asking this?

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Just a general overall comment. You're a foreigner in a foreign land. All eyes are upon you. To avoid any unfortunate incidents of any wrong doing in the eyes of the Filipino people and of the Philippine laws in this backward misguided country, elliminate any preceived perception in question and you will be fine in this foreign land.
Ignorance of the local laws in any country is no excuse.
I'm glad that you are asking all the right questions.
Good luck in your upcoming marriage.

JJCAB, i made it pretty clear i have zero interest in a 16yr old and im just trying to avoid any embarressment for both her and me as i need to book a hotel for two rooms but ive tried two hotels online and both error and she said about this new rule and from my reading i want to make sure i do not insult anyone or get arrested, im also marrying her older sister!!!

Thanks for the reply Art, that is exactly why i am asking to avoid issues for her, her family and me and i do not want everyone staring at me as i walk by with my sis in law.


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