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So me and my GF are planning on getting married later this year after 2 years of dating, we want the quickest and easiest wedding and as im not religious a civil wedding makes the most sense, so i have done my reading and understand the following, however is this still correct and also i plan to travel there for 4 weeks to get everything done and get married so wondered if this was possible and if there is anything i can do/prep now to make things quicker??

1, proof that we can marry - im single and never married and know i need to do this in manilla, she is the same i.e. single and never married.

2, once that is done we can then apply for a marriage license and complete the seminars - this will be local in Davao/where we get married

3, get a pre-nup - we have spoken about this and both want this, do i get one in the phillipinnes, england or both??

4, once we get our license we have 120 days to get married, the plan is the above will take 3 weeks during which we find a venue? we are looking already and i am going this weekend to visit and look at several she has found

5, once married we will then apply for a spouse visa for her to come to the UK

That is our plan as its a total pain to get time off work for me as i work in sales, if there is anything i can do/download/prepare before going for the 4 week trip to marry i would love to know as i want to make sure that we do this properly and legally as well as making it a fab wedding for us both.

Any advice would be most welcome



There is a 10 day waiting period after you apply for the marriage license and when they issue the license.  So put that in your time plan.

Your fiancÚ should do a dry run of all of the steps to get the marriage license (actually going to the different departments in the local government and talking to people there) and scheduling the location of the marriage ceremony to find out if there are going to be any time delays.

thanks for the reply, we have allowed for the 10 day period, that is a good shout re a dry run, i will speak to her next week and maybe even travel around together and see what they say.



Does England have a department to keep track of all marriages? If not, you'll have to get a Certificate in Lieu of Legal Capacity to Marriage from your embassy so that you can marry in the PH. And you'll have to get a CENOMAR in the PH saying that they've searched your name in the PH directory and you have never been married before in the PH. After you apply at the local civil registrar and show them all your documents with 4 copies of each document (each registrar has different rules), go to the health seminar, wait 10 days, and receive your marriage license, you need to find a solemnizing officer to sign your marriage license and return it to the civil registrar.

This is a good guide:
Also read about my experience with a civil wedding in Manila (Taguig City Requirements For Application For Marriage License):

hi, the cert to marriage i have been told i can only get from the embassy in manilla so we will be travelling to davao and back a few times, thats why i was trying to see if there was a quicker way as i have read some horror stories on here for people who have tried to get married! and different rules/things to do in different places im just trying to make sure there are no issues.

I will have a read of the links, have read the first link before so will have a read of your civil marriage.

Thanks for the response.


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