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If you have any smartphone and wifi connection, there is always the services out there like Viber.  Free as can be.  The issue with these services is both you, and the person you are calling need to have the app downloaded.  Magicjack allows you to both have a landline with a US phone number as well as their app that acts like a regular phone in the US also. 

Skype works well.  I use the local number in the US for ppl and places that need or want to call a local number.  It rings right through to me in the phills or to the builtin voice mail.  I use the same to call others in states.  It is usually pretty good,  at least as good as my mobil was when in the states.  There are some small fees/subscriptions to pay to get all those futures.

I also use Skype on my smartphone.  After downloading the app I loaded up 10 USD in credits (I think that is the minimum you can load) and started making calls.  Skype to Skype calling is free.  To the U.S. 800 numbers are free.  According to the article in the following link connection charges for calls to the U.S.: < 5 cents initial connection + 2.3 cents per minute.

I did not pay to get a U.S. phone # because I didn't need one.

You need an internet connection.

Charges to connect to landlines or cellphones are based on the place you call to.  (connection charges)

Where you call from does not affect the charges.  (So the service travels as long as you have an internet connection.)

If you are going to make regular calls to the U.S., they have monthly subscriptions which could end up being cheaper.

I use the same phone I had in the USA, with the same phone number.  I have t mobile and they have an international plan  I pay a fixed price and as long as I have internet connection I can make and receive unlimited calls.   Dial direct, and the connection is great.  In addition, I can connect to the local networks and use the internet, again, at no additional charge. 

Gray Wolf:
I was just wondering this myself in preparation for a possible visit later this year. Now I have the answer with Skype.

Thanks guys!


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