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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Here's another long range option for the future in Batangas by the sea in a subdivision development!
The model house in the video looks nice and expensive too!
Looks like a huge expensive development project in the works!
Playa Calatagan, Bantangas on You Tube
Pictures of Playa Calatagan, Bantangas
Here's one of their lot price list, but kind of expensive though! (click on thumbnail below)

Yeah Art.  I like Global City when you consider it is still in the city.  I think you are right about the unit prices.  Something like that.  Eventually, I want out of the city though.  Not going to blame my GF but if I had not met her (and believe me, I am glad I did), I would not be trying to figure out so much what to do.  Like I have mentioned before, I am going to rent for 2, 3, 4 years.  Maybe I had said, 3, 4, 5, I don't know.  A nice place down in Batangas, like in the discussion for that price, I would jump right on it if I liked the area though.  If anything, I could use it to get away for a couple or few days. 

I can't stay in Global City because that is getting a bit too far for her to travel daily.  Her business is in Paranaque.  The last time I was there, I stayed in that place called Presidio right off the SLEX at the Sucat exit in and a few blocks from the train station over there.  It was really nice and they had everything in the area.  The woman who rented me the unit for a couple of weeks was going to keep an eye out for me on a long term rental (year at a time).  Yeah, she came across something alright.  The problem is, she isn't as sweet as she acts and had decided she was going to try and milk me for the monthly rent.  So, now I am checking out another place.  It is called Tribeca.  Not far from Presidio and still near the SLEX.  I think it is a bit more south closer and in to Muntilupa.  My GF sent a bunch of pics yesterday from when she checked it out.  And the monthly rent is a lot more reasonable for a two bedroom.

Of course, I still wouldn't mind a little more room than this is going to have but I can deal with it at least a year.  During that time, I will have plenty of time to get around and look for something else more to my satisfaction (space wise) if I continue to rent.  I can't count on her too much for other options as she wants me to be secure like Fort Knox so I will need to see for myself.  Of course, if I see after a year that I can rent a house out in the province until I decide to buy one, you better believe I am going for it.


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