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Gray Wolf:
Some family photos for the group (Clickable Thumbs) 

Tatay, Nanay, Glo's sister Nonie, our niece Erica, Me!
2006 at Lourdes Grotto, San Jose, Bulacan.


Erica is my adopted daughter.  Her Tatay died just before I came into the family picture.  She was his Princess, his only daughter and he doted on her.  The family gave me their blessings for taking care of her educational needs and helping to guide her into nursing.  She took a two-year course and became a Midwife/Nurse. 

She's on the left in this image from Abu Dhabi, UAE with coworkers in 2011

The last few years she's been working at the Buguey Clinic in northern Cagayan Province, where the family farm is located.  She's at left in this photo with the other nurses at the clinic

Another group shot at the clinic

Attending a Graduation Event with friends

28 years old and never been kissed!   ;)

This week she was notified that her contract came through and she will be leaving for Dubai, UAE to work there.  She will share an apartment with a cousin, another nurse, who will work for the same contractor.  We have 3 other pamangkin working in Dubai as Engineers.

I'm proud of Erica for becoming such a well adjusted, smart young lady.  I know she will do well and wish her much happiness. 

Proud Tito Jack   :) :) :)

Congrats to Erica for doing so well.  I know it has to be a good feeling for you Jack.  My girlfriend has a 15 year old nephew who lost his parents when he was 3 months old.  He stays with her mostly now, especially since he finished elementary school and moved to Paranague in order to attend high school.  He is a real good kid and very smart.  Looks like I will be getting more involved in his future so I hope he turns out and does well like Erica.

Gray Wolf:
Do what you can to steer him in the right direction.  We can't help the whole country but we can certainly make a huge difference in the life of one nephew or niece.

We've helped 6 nieces and nephews get an education and land good jobs.  With Erica leaving for Dubai in February, there will be only one left still working in Manila as an RN and she's working on getting a contract in Dubai as well. 

That's sad in one way but good in another.  Sad because the Philippines is losing these talented young people, but good for them becauyse they'll be making much better money working in Dubai than they could ever hope to make in Manila.  They'll be able to actually set aside money for their families, to put their own children through school and for housing when they retire.  They will be the balikbayans returning 10-20 years from now.

Congratulations Erica for all her hard work and application, but also congratulations Jack, because this is truly "paying it forward".

You actions will doubtless form the basis for others to both follow your example but also for the people helped to, in their turn, help others when they are in a position to do so.

I posted an idea I had around this some time ago (and nearly advertised by mistake so I won't repeat that) But I truly believe that education is the way forward for all peoples and countries to escape the cycle of poverty, and the change not only their lifes, but the state of their nations.

Well done again Jack, you are deservedly proud.

Gray Wolf:
Thanks Beancounter!    :)


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