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Anyone near Lucena?

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Yes,I live about 30 Min's away from Lucena. but I am just wondering around so far. I have Been to the SM there. its kinda small compared to Lipa Sm.Be careful there are quite a few Bars there.if that's your far I am just been looking around.some of my friends here in San Juan love going there.

A long time to being in the forum... really a lot of chats up.
Thanks both of you for your replays.  :)

I do not like to hang out in a bars so often, it is not my thing.. just take a few in a bar and take more, if feels like it, at our house. Maybe I started to get old, because own couch feels better to fall a sleep... only a few steps from the refrigerator !  :P

My wife really want me with her to visit in Philippines on this coming next january and I decided to visit at this forum to look at, whats new is going on and if theres a forumers in the "neighborhood"!

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
The last time you were on here was on Nov 9. 2013. So, not too recent. So, you're coming for a visit in January? Where are you coming from if I may ask? I never been near Lucena. Where is that place and what's to do there?  Anyway, enjoy your vacation in January.
Is this the Lucena where you and wife will be vacationing?
At least you're closer to the ocean than we are.

Yes, it was a long time ago of my last visit, as you said:Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am .
My last visit did not end well and it took a lot of time to even think to travel pack to Philippines! :o

I´m from Finland and there´s nearby from Lucena a small place where we wife's hometown.
Lucena is "the Biggest" place, where we quite often go to buy something special what we need.
We live like a few steps away from there, just in a sleepy small town. There is not much to do, unless you have a motorbike! Awesome roads, quite quiet to drive almost freely.. And If only have a boat at there.. nice waters, places.

Yes, That is the Lucena and we live near from sea. Love it!  :)
So, you live in inner country?

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:

--- Quote from: tagatubos on October 08, 2015, 01:01:46 AM ---So, you live in inner country?

--- End quote ---
I remember now and read in your previous post that you and your
wife live in Finland and you had to quit work at age 42 due to your health.
Yeah, we sort of live pretty much inland:
a pretty much upscale suburban area of which we have lived in our
home going on 16 yrs, a total of 18 yrs now in the Philippines.
Our first 2 yrs here we arrived in 1998, we lived in Olongapo
City, in the province of Southern Zambales both our home town
near SBMA, which used to be the old U.S. Navy base during WWII
and the Vietnam Era, now a Free Trading Zone Port of Olongapo City.


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