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Philippines - The new Capital of Call Centers

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I was near a Dell factory in Ireland a few years back and bu coincidence needed a Dell Hard drive replacement. I decided to Call ahead to the factory and dialed the Irish number given by directory inquiries. The the phone answered I recognised the accent. "Are you in India"? I asked. "Yes sir". "Well do you know where Ireland is? " (stupid question) - "no sir". I explained I was within a mile of the Dell factory and would it be possible to connect to the factory so I could get a replacement Hard Drive. "You need Parts sir - I will put you through". I recognised the accent - England. "Hello - just wondering if I could collect a spare Hard drive directly from the factory here in Ireland as I am at the factory now"? "No sir. all parts must be ordered from here"!!

so - to get a Dell hard drive I would have to call India - who put me through to the UK - who would have the part sent from Ireland - and then they would post it back to me!

I just bought a new Toshiba instead. 

Many times my seatmate on the trip over or back is someone checking on a call center for their company.  I need a job like that where I get an all expenses paid trip to Makati. lol

I have some Filipino friends working in BPO and they do really have a great command in English language. They speak in English accent and some uses Aussie accent, depending on the account they are handling. You'll never have a problem communicating in English with them.

Gray Wolf:
When I call my local cable company for assistance, I now get a Filipino call center. In fact, most of my calls that end up in a call center are with a center in the PH. I love it! Not only do I get great assistance with someone I can understand, we often end our "business" with me telling them about my family and home in the PH. We always have a great time talking, laughing and spreading good will between both countries. Way better than the old call centers in India. For the life of me, I can not grasp their dialect.

Without any doubt,  for me..   call centers in the Philippines are easier to deal with than in India.  That is from my own exp.   My wife who is of course filipina just hates dealing w/ India call center but also does't care much for dealing with Philippines center either.  Usually when we call we already have researched and have ideas on what is the problem/solution.

IMO:  companies do not pay to embed level 2 and level 3 service withing the call centers when contracting a lower cost location.  This can make it so that the level 1 call center worker simply is not empowered to solve many problems.  I mean,  they do not have the authority to say yes and not the experience to make creative solution.  In contrast most US call center that is still working will have been downsized to the point that only the level 2 and or level 3 ppl are still are left,  meaning they can solve almost anything.

I believe the Filipino persons make better customer service reps then from India.  The softer <public> style of communication is easier for US persons to accept.  India person will be closer to German in direct style, US persons can have issues with the direct approach.  I recall when first using India center(s) of needing to provide culture training in addition to technical training to have any success.


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