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Cebu SM Seaside Mall


While some of you may not like malls, yesterday a friend brought us to the new SM Seaside Mall and I have to tell you all that it is a wonderful place to exercise and a person could spend a whole day there just walking around, ice skating, seeing movies, eating etc, as well as of course shopping. As some of you already know, I walk for my health and since the new mall is round, it is by far the best mall I have seen for walking. While unfortunately there are still many empty stores, I believe that once all the stores and restaurants fill up, then this mall will be by far the best mall that I have seen in the Philippines... Oh and the views out many of the windows of the sea is amazing.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Looks like a nice place to visit. I just wonder what the grid lock traffic will be like just in a few years and how expensive everything will be? 

Ditto on Lee's post.

Great mall.  Huge, but very well laid out and easy to navigate.  Has everything Ayala has plus more. Bowling lanes are very nice.  My wife and I squeezed in 3 games in an hour for P450. Going back to shoot pool next week. Also has a huge ice rink (I can't skate, but fun to watch).

The views of the ocean and mountains from every floor are fantastic. Sit at Bo's and watch the ships, or eat on west side outside terrace with 180 degree mountain view.

Much greener, cleaner environment than malls inside Cebu City.  Very few foreigners as compared o most malls, particularly Ayala.

Sorry no pics. I'm going to have to figure out how to downsize my iPad pics as they will not upload.

We are staying near Ayala, so we have to bear the Cebu traffic the first couple of miles, but great once we are past the port area and somewhat clear of the city.

Unfortunately, by the time condos are built there, whole area will be crowded and dirty.... and I'll be dead.  >:(


Big Jim:
I visited the seaside mall while it was under construction but haven't been in the Philippines since it opened.

SM Cebu City has been where I get my airconditioned exercise. Depending on how fast you walk, it takes about an hour to walk past every shop just once.

SM Cebu City had an ice skating rink and a roller coaster when it opened. If they had been making money, I am sure they would be there still. So, I am now wondering how long the ice skating rink will last at the seaside mall.

The ice skating ring at SM Cebu City was where the huge food court in the bottom level is now. The roller coaster was on the top level between the cinemas. The roller coaster was in the middle encircled by a mini steam train that ran on train tracks. It is just another level of the SM department store now.


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