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3 weeks in september


If you only had 3 weeks what would you do? Keep in mind we have two small children, 1 and 3.  My wife hasnt been home in 4 years and a lot of time will be spent with family and friends, however, neither of us has ever been outside too far of metro manila.  We are loosley planning palawan and borocay.. Any suggestions?

Sounds like fun.

A few years ago I was in the same situation,  with a couple of small children.  The kids did not enjoy the trip much,  but that just my opinion as a one year old usually does not have a large dialog yet to tell us.  After a few years later,  they did really start to enjoy it.  At age one and three,  my kids had a hard time with the weather and also the air.  We made sure to have family pick us from airport that time and also to have an extra helper.  Getting through the Manila airport with two small baby and not used to it can be not so fun,  especially at night and with lots of luggage. 

My daughter got sick on that trip and we where glad to be close enough to some medical help.  It all worked out just fine.

My son was about 5 before he started to enjoy the differences,  and have the expected questions about them.

If you have a couple of helpers with you that the family arranges,  it can be a nice break to allow you some times away from the kids.

My son still remembers riding on a water buffalo at about 4 years old,  and thought that the big bugs and lizard placed inside of a plastic coke bottle where very cool.

there is a VERY cool hotel in Manila that is very family nice.



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