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Philippine Senate Impeachment Trial

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The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines Renato C. Corona has been convicted by the Senator Judges.  Guilty 20, Not Guilty 3.  Maybe democracy is alive and maturing.  We will see.


It\'s a big step in the right direction. Will he spend any time in jail or pay any other penality other than being removed from office ? I doubt it  >:(

Internal Revenue and Office of Ombudsman looking at charges, since he has been removed from office.


It is just a big show, the so called senator judges are just as if not more corrupt than the judge.  TV Patrol had a thing where the PNP declaired that the judges Chevy Suburban had fake vin number.  I noticed that it was uparmored also.  Up-armored vehicles always have the vin tag moved around when they install the armored glass.  I am suspecting that the PNP show was just another fake show. 

I dont support the judge or the Senators, they are all corrupt.  Even the NPA is corrupt and is more of a extortion mafia racket than anything.

Did not see anything on the VIN, but saw that licence plate number belongs to a company truck in Cebu or Mindanao.  Supposedly the reason the vehicle was impounded.



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