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Portable Electronic Translators


Has anyone used a portable electronic tranlator for Tagalog or Visayan?

Yes, yes, yes... I've heard of Google and I am going to do so and possibly report back here if I run across any useful specific info -

-- But - this forum seems like a good place to find someone who might have actual experience with portable translators which might including Tagalog or... heaven help us... Visayan.

So -- has anyone used a portable electronic tranlator for Tagalog or Visayan -- or have any info about one?

Thanks  :)

Gray Wolf:
I've never used one, yet, but would be very interested in one that had Tagalog and Ilocano.  I did a quick online search and saw lots of portable translators and also apps for high end cell phones.  Prices ranged from $39.95 to $239.99. :o

Here's a review page I found listing several models:

There's an app called Google Translate which runs on Android phones. It can be useful for translating words and short phrases from Filipino to English or English to Filipino. Requires an internet connection. I don't know how it compares to dedicated standalone translators though.


There is a cool  8) app that has been out for a while.
I have never used it as I do not use a cellphone.
Might be worth a look-see for one of you that do...

Thanks Jack, Richard and Rufus,

I'll check out the info you furnished.  If I find anything that seems to work well I will post the info. Too bad the Filipinos do not speak Spanish or French :D , as there seems to be plenty of translators for those languages.


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