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Gray Wolf:
"Boondocks" - The term boondocks (boonies) is an American English term for a remote, usually brushy rural area or to a remote city or town that is considered unsophisticated.  The term has evolved into American slang used to refer to "the countryside" or any implicitly isolated rural/wilderness area, regardless of topography or vegetation.

The expression was introduced to English by American military personnel serving in the Philippines during the early years of the 20th century. It derives from the Tagalog word "bundok", meaning "mountain". According to military historian Paul Kramer, the term had attached to it "connotations of bewilderment and confusion", due to the guerrilla nature of the warfare in which the soldiers were engaged.  "Boonies" came into common use by US servicemen during the Vietnam war. 

"Bundok" as originally used by Filipinos is a colloquialism referring to rural areas. As major Filipino cities are generally located near the coastline, rural areas inland are usually mountainous and difficult to access. Other equivalent terms used are the Spanish-derived "Probinsya" ('Province') and the Cebuano "Bukid" ('Mountain').It is also a derogatory term referring to the stereotype of unsophisticated country people (Tagalog "Taga-bundok"/"Probinsyano", Cebuano "Taga-bukid" literally 'Someone who comes from the mountains/province'). As an adjective, it can mean "ignorant", "uncultured", "illiterate", or "naive".

I lived in the boondocks of New York until I was 19.

Gray Wolf:
I've heard my wife Gloria refer to some girls we've met as being a "probinsyana". 

Now I know ...     ;)     :)

When my sisters and I are chatting and joking, one of us will eventually tease and say "taga-bundok ka kasi" (because you're from the boonies), or worse "baky ka kasi" (because you're a low-life).  However, if these terms are meant for somebody else, then it is derogatory. The person uttering these is then considered an "uppity."

Oh!! I never heard the word "Boondocks" before..hahahaha.. 



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