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Is Noy Noy going to run again?

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Found this today, it will be interesting if he really runs and changes the constitution

Gray Wolf:
It's currently unconstitutional to serve more than one 6-yr Presidential term in the PH.  Even if there is a serious effort to change the Constitution of the Philippines, I don't believe they could come to an agreement in time for him to run again, at least not back to back

you may be right, I have no idea how long that would take here..or the requirements for that matter, I just find it very interesting that he would even mention it.  I just remember learning somewhere that if you want to do something you start dropping hints before you drop the bomb..

JMHO on this. The president said it as a ploy to stir the pot. The comments have done just that, Binay acts as if he is about to have a stroke which is showing his power hungry ambitions.

I wonder why the Aquino siblings said that they were backing Binay with their full support for the next presidential elections...and now this?


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