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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:

--- Quote from: arlie on May 20, 2013, 07:19:38 AM ---Art,  Thanks a lot. That sure answered the question. :) :)

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Yeah, our new LG direct drive 11KG capacity top loading washing machine arrived today from Abensens. Got it all hooked up in minutes and started washing a few cloths to test it out! Pretty quiet operation and it's programmable like our other one that lasted 12 years before it quit on us a few days ago! This new one should last a while! Anyway, it has a 5 year extended warranty which only cost an extra P1,400.

Thanks mr lee for the info no punt intened but If anyones like a higher Bill in dasma cavite its 19 pesos per kw now thats high

We eat out alot and it dont take 1500 to live where we do wow it must really cost alot there  it really does depend on where you choose to live I guess.

Unexpected costs can be the killer at times such as your car breaks down, a relative including your lady gets sick or injured and needs hospital care, you get sick and so on. One guy I have read about his wife was pregnant and the hospital would not admit her when problems with the pregnancy came about without cash up front, so unexpected things can pop up from time to time and this past year cost me over p100,000 when one of my sister in laws needed a DNC and one of my brother in laws got stabbed, I had not planned for those extra costs so my wife and I had to stay in our condo a lot this past visit and we could not take the side trips to visit friends which we had set aside part of that money to do. So for all thinking of retiring on a tight budget, could you stand by and let one of your wife's relatives die if an emergency were to come about, if yes then your wife may hate you for it and if no then you best have extra income to cover unexpected things which are bound to pop up.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Anyone who has lived in the Philippines for a short or long period of time knows that if one can live like the locals do, one can live on less than $1,000 a month including a foreigner who can adapt/adjust to the Filipno culture and simple lifestyle and not just in Angeles City, but in other small barrios in other parts of the provinces in any region of the Philippines! 
Iíve mentioned my Fil/Am Uncle in some of my posts concerning the cost of living in The Philippines. My Uncle is in his late 70s, has a U.S. Social Security pension of only $800 a month and a P3,000 a month RP SS pension when he worked for the RP civil service at SBMA, a U.S. military Navy Base long time ago before immigrating to the U.S. in the late 60s. He has returned to retire in the P.I. and is now a dual citizen and lives in a small Barrio in Olongapo City, Zambales Province for the past 10 yrs! He has a wife and a niece with a daughter living with them! He owns a little simple 2 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow paid for with a 1/2 HP A/C in their bedroom and has a used 1980 Toyota Corolla for just driving around town! They only shop at their local wet & dry open market walking distance from their home.   
Itís all about location, location, location and a simple Filipino lifestyle and not necessarily having to forego oneís creature comforts, but then again medical expenses is one of the major concerns in the Philippines and can bankrupt anyone without health insurance or a sizable nest egg in case of emergencies! RP's PhilHealth medical Insurance is cheap, but it's limited to in paying off any large medical expenses, better have some other assets in order to sign a "Promissory Note" to give the hospital so one can get released from an RP local hospital if one ever gets admitted due to an injury and or serious illness! How many of you out there have international credit cards with a credit line of P25,000 to P50,000 or more? If you do, keep it open and have  funds  available for emergencies at any time while in the Philippines and or anywhere else!           


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