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What China clames is theirs in the South China Sea, really?

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Its been my experience that you can say, do, most anything as long as nobody will do anything about it...I guess a good example is Europe in WW2..Hitler did what what he wanted until he invaded Poland (1 September 1939) before that everybody just talked at him...He finally went too far. Based on what I've read he really did not believe that Britain or France would do anything.  Probably because before all they did was talk.
Are the Spratlys like that?  I dont know, I hope not, but how far will China go?  Guess we will see..a lot of talking has been going on for a long time....Lee

As a kid everyone would joke about poor quality goods as being "Made in China".

Recently, one of their fighter planes did a “barrel roll” over the top of a Navy P-8 Poseidon plane, coming within 9 meters of it at one point; passing across the nose of the Navy plane apparently to show that it was armed.

It seems as they grow in weaponry they continue their expansion in the Spratlys.

There have already built an island with a runway there.

I've been waiting to hear one of China's flunkies call the Philippines the "Southwest China Islands". :(


Yep China does make some cheap stuff, but they are also capable of making some extremely high quality stuff.  for instance I Phones, they have a history of expansionism and will continue until it brings a conflict they dont want. 
The good news is that because of their expanding economy they are venerable to  economic embargo's etc.  As usual its all about money.  The United States is so far in debt to them I seriously doubt they will do anything but talk...
They are now working on aircraft carriers and a host of other weapons including some very good aircraft and some very advanced missiles.
The fly in their ointment is their population and the possible bust of their economy.  Its not my area of expertise but everything I have read makes me believe that...China will I believe be the next super power, and in the future will only be stopped by a coalition of powers.  Just my take on it

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Just watched a movie titled "Dragon Day"
where China attacked the U.S. and took over the country in a not so surprising way,
because of over due debts the U.S. was not willing to pay back to the Chinese government!


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