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What are your recommended Philippine Investment Vehicles of Choice?

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Well as for me i think that is an excellent post Metz. But† i tend to go along with what Colin post. No one can predict the future, things will be hard like it has been for the past four or five years and may even get worst. Your predictions made it seems like Dooms Day is just around the corner. Yes it would be good if everyone can control their future and be self dependent but that will not be the case. On the other hand i do agree with you on taking control of our fianances. Better to be safe than sorry. We will see.

Yes, Metz\' solution is surely among the most safe.

Concerning choosing which shares to invest in, is one of the main rules
\"Don\'t listen to what broker says.\"†  :)
Brokers earn money on any trades, so they don\'t bother much if they are good or bad trades they handle.† On top of that the majority of them aren\'t any good at analyzing and predicting. Some Swedish journalist made a research where they compared the results of the Swedish brokers recommendations, and the \"choices\" the chimpanzee Ola made by throwing arrows, and the monkey won...† † ;D

BUT it\'s possible to make money on shares by \"just\" buy close enough to bottom and sell close enough to top. If you can do that, then even random choosing mostly beat bank interest. The odds can be improved much by just make a simple very rough valuation* and buy if it\'s higher than what they cost on the stock marlet.

*A = Obvious assets = money + store and estate adjusted down if you believe they are to optimistic
R = Adjusted result Š la me :)† = the result they tell + developing costs + temporary costs as e g expansion. Then adjust the result if anything special happens as e g an important developing is ready now/soon.

(A + 3 R) divided by total numbers of shares = Rough value.
(If reading the Reports and news proper, the valuation can be made much more detailed.)

The economies in some South East Asian countries have developed much better than North America and Europe during the last 10 years, so I believe in a longer perspective that will continue.
I don\'t know how the Philippine company economy has developed but the GNP (=including public production) has developed very good. The badest year RP had PLUS 4.5 (2008) when many American and European countries had MINUS.
Two years ago I looked a bit at the Thai stock market just to show an ex how to count roughly. Just looking at around 8 companies by choosing them by what they produce, I found 4 having much better results than bank interest (=around 12, 22, 24, 31 %).

I DON\'T recommend doing as I do, because I often gamble and even put all money at only 1-2 companies, when I have found something I really believe in long term ready to get much better result soon, or something I believe is just negative over reaction. I predicted a half year before the \"IT bubble\" would burst, so I didn\'t had any shares when it happened. Counting from when I started buying after the burst, I have an average of
almost 20 % per year fluctuating between +51 and -20.
If I recount only counting when I used the money for shares then it\'s
a bit over 30 % per year fluctuating between +112 and -20.†  The best result I got during almost everything else fell !† :)
Earlier I have recommended shares, which have gone up from e g 6 to 16 (very fast) and 44 to 204,
but I don\'t recommend anything since an evil insect (=tick) bite me, gave me TBE virus, almost knocked me out, so I\'m not sure if I think complete now. So now I know how it feels to think normal† :)

A Swedish friend lives on investing his own money. He has grown his money from around 250 000 SEK to 6 000 000 SEK since 1988, although he has lived on them too, including going to Thailand/Philippines many times to look for possible wife†  :)

Both above during inflation had been only around 2 - 4 % per year. Bank interests have been very low mostly.

So it\'s possible to beat normal bank interests rather much.

I have decided to get the basics down first before the rest.† It is a terrible feeling not to have money and have the lights get turned off for a month.† Been there done that.

Moving to Phil\'s, you have to think like a pioneer on the frontier in many ways.† In some ways you have a advantage by being in Phil\'s.† You can afford to live poor.† By that I mean that you can own a home and not have to come up with $8000 dollars yearly tax like a co worker did in Buffalo NY.† Because of the cultural difference, I don\'t feel the pressure to keep up with the jonses.† Having A car not a fancy new car is that in itself a status symbol.† I can ride a moped to work without getting nasty gossip behind my back.†

You can have chickens without some gov goon fining you thousands of dollars cause you don\'t have the right gov permits and blessing from some faceless bureaucrat.†

Yes, but in RP it can be 6 - 8 years in prison for supporting people to get good marriages !!!† :)

I have never bothered what other people think anyway, just bothered what I would think if other would do the same. E g I preferred buying old cars, when I earned as most too, because I drive like a car thief, so i break the cars in 2 - 3 years anyway, so it can even be good if the road is so bad, so I will have to buy a jeep†  :D
And I used an old bicycle rather often when I had 2 cars too.

My perhaps future wife found it very odd, when I said I find it better to have a good functioning but old ugly car :) to try to avoid envy from neighbours.

(Concerning taxes I have some questions, but better I put that in an own topic.)


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