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Windows 10 to take longer to reach billion-device goal

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I am sticking with 7, had they not pushed 10 so hard almost forcing people to upgrade, then I might have considered it but when anyone tries to ram something down my throat, I tend to feel it would not be good for me or they would not be trying to force it upon us.

I am happy for those of you who have gone with 10 and not had any problems and I may go with it in the future when I eventually buy a new computer but my current 2 laptops (one for my wife and one for me) and my desktop, will hopefully never see 10 on them.

--- Quote ---Microsoft said Friday it will take longer than initially expected for Windows 10 to reach a billion devices due to the lack of traction in its smartphone business.

The company had set an ambitious goal of having a billion gadgets running on Windows 10 monthly when the latest generation operating software was release nearly a year ago.

The US technology giant said Windows 10 is already powering more than 350 million devices monthly in what it described as “the hottest start in history.”
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--- End quote ---

I am leaving 7 alone on both mine and my wife's laptops.  But, since 8 isn't all that hot, she has a desktop at work which the only thing I could find a couple of years ago locally to put on it was 8 so, I am thinking about downloading 10 on it.  She also has a desktop there with XP on it but MS isn't allowing a free 10 for XP.  Too bad.  The XP is Pro and if it was like the others, could download 10 Pro and I could see what that was like.  The one with 8 is only the Basic.  I got 7 Pro on mine but no way and I am going to risk it.  Am not interested in doing an updated image to reload if I don't like it.  Yeah, MS has been pushing too hard.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Our 2 17"  laptops we bought last year while on vacation in N. Calif had Windows 8.1 preinstalled and now has Windows 10 which was updated automatically when it became available, which I hate and we seldom use our laplaps now, since we use our cellphones most of the time.
I still have my 7 yr old HP desktop and old laptap both with Windows Vista, which. I prefer over Windows 10 any day. Windows 7 I also did not care for either, XP was better, but we no longer have any PC or laptop with XP. Oh well, that's life in the techno world. 

My upgrade to 10 went ok.   Haven't had any big problems,  however did have few small ones.  Better then other MS upgrades went for me in the past.  I use Linux/Ubuntu for my primary work station to develop software, completely non windows.

I agree that XP was one of the best software for computers ever.  It took a very long time for most ppl to move away from it.  Most had to be forced in one way or another.

One reason (just a guess) that MS might be pushing V10 is to consolidate to one.  The internal cost of supporting so many versions is crazy.  If it was just one it is so much more efficient (cost effective).

Microsoft really hurt themselves with Windows 8.  That did a lot of damage and now they are not trustworthy in many eyes and that I think is the reason for the trouble now with 10.  I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.  Love the new Windows Defender.  Probably the safest windows setup yet.  Love the app setup and all that also. 

Yes, I miss the ability to play some of the older games that won't work on windows 10, but I can get over that with the much more smoothly operating system that 10 is. 


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