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Facebook warning, read it, this is important

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Since many of our ladies use facebook and many of us may as well, read the below, they keep everything and compile it.

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The weird and surprising things I found in the file Facebook has on me
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Happily, I eschew all "social media".  Always have.  I advise everyone I know against it.

Gray Wolf:
Here's a link to the Facebook data download instructions:

Bisaya gyud:
The asawa and I use Facebook and will continue to do so. She can video chat for free with her relatives and friends in the Philippines. Also send free text messages, share photos etcetera.

I tell her to never send any personal, business or government documents via Facebook. Also to never discuss anything of a highly personal nature that she wouldn't want the public or prying eyes at Facebook to know.

Facebook is a valuable tool for people looking to buy or rent properties in the Philippines, tourist info etcetera. Many Philippine companies and businesses don't bother to keep their own websites up to date anymore, choosing to use Facebook instead.

Your IPS and internet browser company know everything you do online, and keep complete permanent records. Your email service keeps a record of every email you ever sent or received.

If you're that concerned about privacy, you need to get off the internet entirely.

I downloaded my facebook info, I was surprised to see that they keep a record of everything and especially everything I had ever liked, so basically they know your political and personal feelings about many things, on top of that they had all personal messages, all groups I had joined, not a problem for me but obviously a problem for some who might send things they would not want others to know, so yes, your internet company also keeps that info but it would likely be harder to hack your internet companies records than to hack your facebook account, all it takes to hack a facebook account is for you to click on a planted link within facebook, anyone who knows you or does not know you but has a personal interest in your or your children or friends, etc, could plant such a link, we all likely click on links within facebook, so everyone would likely be subject to being hacked, once hacked, a person could likely gain access to your email account as well and your computer and then download all your information, scary IMO, to think all that would be so easily available, thus why I posted the warning. While I will continue to use facebook to read items online, I will be a lot more careful when using it and especially what I click on, thus why I posted this topic.


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