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Apple not supporting new $5,000 iMac

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No repair options for the new $5,000 iMac   

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One of the reasons why I don't use or trust Apple products. If I can't get under the hood, I don't buy.

I am not sure I fully understand the video but it appears they took their sealed unit computer apart, screwed it up by somehow shorting it out and now Apple does not wish to fix it, even for money, seems logical to me since there is no way for Apple to know what else they might have screwed up when they shorted it out. Sealed units are not meant to be taken apart, so if a person wishes to tinker under the hood, just maybe they should not buy sealed unit computers, no matter what brand they might be. All that is just my opinion.


Apple didn't refuse repair due to "terms of service", but due to no spares available, as could be seen from the email exchanges.

The main thrust, as far as I see, is that Apple has rolled out a product which is not supported by trained and certified repair technicians, as Apple has NOT trained anyone as yet.

Chicken/egg problem?
Spares (but Apple said no spares available) will only available to Apple trained certified techs.  No techs have been certified yet as there is no certification program in operation.

Complete screw up by them methinks.


Agreed, but it was a repair that likely would not have been necessary had they not opened it. Apple likely does not like the idea that they opened a sealed unit, possibly trying to steal their ideas/secrets, might be Apples thoughts, so there could be more to it than we are seeing, are we seeing all the communications between them, that is an unknown.

Anyway I do not buy any new Apple products or any sealed computers, no matter who they are made by.


--- Quote from: Lee2 on May 04, 2018, 01:02:27 PM ---..........................Anyway I do not buy any new Apple products or any sealed computers, no matter who they are made by.

--- End quote ---

Neither do I!



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