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Maline just read all of this and she said dont they know its the Filipino way we dont have problems with that...she was kidding...then she said why dont all you and all your friends on this forum have a reunion, all you should meet, which is not a bad idea

Oh boy,

These Filipina's know how to start a discussion!!! OK, I'm
being a bit pedantic but, it can't be a reunion as most of us
have never met. Nevertheless, if members are interested, the
next thing I predict is, where the heck are we gong to meet?
Your place, my place, his place her place????? Does Maline
really know what she is starting??  ???  :o

A veritable confusion of posts! But .... I like the idea. The logistics
would be huge, but not insurmountable. Maybe we could have a
seperate section for the people who would like to attend and put
their name down. Then would come the discussion of "where" that
would be the most interesting bit I would imagine. Maybe other
members will throw out their ideas? Not to forget "when"!!!


ok, from what I know, and think, Cebu would be the center of the logistics, which is good as they have flights from everywhere there. as to when it would be hard but i think doable....lets start a topic, i dont know where, so we can get together, have to make allowances for those that dont live here full time....as it still cost mucho to fly here...for the members here it would be fairly easy but for me I would like to meet such notables as Jack etc.  what do you think

Sounds good to me.


Cebu meetup would be great for us. :) We are in Cebu from early to mid Feb the latest, depending on flights availability and prices, and we stay until sometime in May, so an end of Feb, anytime in March or April meetup would be great with us, should that work for others, and if you can wait that long, and of course if you guys even want to meet up with this pain in the arse, :P then we would just need some advance notice as next year we will also be spending some time in Mindanao visiting some of Nila's family. It would be great for us to meet you all!


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