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Duterte designates 911 as national emergency hotline


Great news IMO, once it is implemented then that sure would make it easier to get help for those who travel around.

--- Quote ---The Emergency 911 National Hotline Public Safety Answering Center is under the direction and control of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

Local government units are enjoined to establish and run local 911 call centers within their area of jurisdiction using their own funds. Local 911 call centers will also be under supervision of the National Hotline Public Safety Answering Center.
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--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Lee2 on June 02, 2018, 08:08:06 PM ---Great news IMO, once it is implemented then that sure would make it easier to get help for those who travel around.

--- End quote ---

And when they add the cost to people's monthly phone bill, there will be something else for foreigners to moan and groan about.

I'm happy this was finally set up.  I didn't care what number they used.  911 is nice as it's what we use in the USA, but wasn't necessary.  As long as they had a standard nationwide number that could always be used for emergency. 

The next step is going to take some time to properly implement.  Setting up the stations to handle it all.  My sister worked at a 911 center when she finished college.  Where she met her husband.  There's a lot that needs to be done to coordinate the call center(which is it's own government setup/private contracted business) the police, ambulances and fire departments and getting them all to work on the same language/terminology so everything works smoothly.

Then there's the names.  These are going to become issues that will cause some bad things to happen.  When I was in the USA, the place I lived had a road named "Stone Road".  It was a short road only about a quarter mile from where I lived.  In our same town, there was a bit bigger road also called Stone Road that connected our town the the neighboring town.  After a 911 call was made for a Stone Road address, and the ambulance went to the wrong Stone Road...someone died.  In a short order, the Stone Road near where I lived changed to Hawley Street. 

The Philippines is full of towns sharing roads of the same name and other such issues as where a major barangay in my municipality shares it's name with a neighboring municipality.  These are going to create issues.  Usually a 911 call center covers a large area.  Either complete cities or counties and in more rural areas where I lived, multiple counties.  If the same setup is used here, there will probably be a lot of shared street names/barangay names, and more. 


Don't forget about the house numbers needing straightening out and visibility.


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