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Need Real Estate Lawyers Bohol area...


Hello there im new i've seen that many used this forum and has been helpful info; i've been looking info and searching how i'll be able to get adviced about the land located in bohol area... im interested to find lawyer but its kinda hard lol... i got land that i wanted to get back from my cousin they are not cooperating more likely they just giving me the round and around lol... would be nice if someone can adviced me thanks a million... have a wonderful day!! and thank you admin for accepting me

It's always best to use a real estate lawyer that knows the local area.  People in the Land Registration Authority office responsible for the Bohol area will know the names of local real estate lawyers.

ty so much been trying to search for several days... i also email LRA if i can get the tittle online lol they said don't exist yet need to go where the land is located and ask from there... but was worth of try :)


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