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I was not sure where this topic would fit best since the new MJ does not have to use a computer except to hook it up and it saves me a ton of money on my cell phone bill because I used to go all cell phone and now have two MJ Plus units, one which I use all the time and the other as a back up and for the few times my wife might be on the Phone.

I have had Magic Jack since they first came out, I think over 7 years ago since I had a 6 year plan and renewed it and have been on the renewal for over a year now and I have always been happy with them and while the earlier one did have some issues every now and then, for personal use it was great. Now the new one is much much better, better sound, easier to use and it can be plugged into the computer or just the router, which now makes it just like a wall phone. Also anyone with the old one can now upgrade it to the new one for just the cost of the unit $49.99 and keep their MJ number and any prepaid years they still have on it.

Things I have found when plugged into the computer, the computer must have more than one GB or Ram and it works best on faster computers than on my old xp computer and another item is that your internet connection needs to be continuously over .10 upload speed and your download speed over 1.00 and works flawless if much higher on both. I will guess that the same will be true if using the plus model plugged directly into a router or split off a modem.

As for the plus, I have found that the ethernet cable that comes with the plus is cheap garbage but will work if you plug it in and forget it. This last trip I disconnected one that was working perfectly in our condo in Florida and hooked it up in Cebu and it worked for a month and then crapped out so I plugged the unit into my computer instead. Upon getting back to Florida I tried a new ethernet cable and it worked fine again, I wish I would have thought of that when we were still in Cebu. :(

When either is plugged into the computer a screen comes up with a phone book you can program or just add people as they call you to it. So the downside to the plus is that you would need a caller ID phone/memory phone for your address book or have to have an old fashioned paper phone book unless you have a great memory and can therefore remember all your contacts, I use my cell phone address book for that.

Cost of the unit which is sold in Best Buy or can be bought online at is $49.99 and 5 extra years of unlimited service to the US or Canada is $100.00 and I am told a Canadian phone number would cost an extra $10 and you can now port your old phone number for a fee and a yearly charge (that part is a rip off IMO) over to a Magic Jack.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.

I actually brought a MagicJack plus with me last July.  The only problem I ran into is Globe(who we use for net here in our area) does not offer(or at least they say they don't) a router/modem with a USB port on the back. So using the MagicJack plus that way is not an option for me.  So using it the same way at the original MagicJack is all I can do for now.

I believe you can use an ethernet splitter or switch. Check with CDR King or a computer store to see if they sell the splitters. I know they sell switches.
Hope that works for you although using it plugged in is good too.

I was wondering to,I have an old plug-in question can you call the usa to a cell phone number.


--- Quote from: wildbill on May 11, 2014, 08:44:27 AM ---I was wondering to,I have an old plug-in question can you call the usa to a cell phone number.

--- End quote ---

With a Magic Jack you can call any US number or Canadian number included in the yearly cost, or in my case I renew for 5 years plus the initial year they used to give, now the new MJ only gives 6 months of calls included but US cell phones are included. You can also add money into your account for long distance calls to any other country as well and at a fairly reasonable rate.


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