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Windows 10 to take longer to reach billion-device goal

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My opinion is that 7 is a good choice over 10 or 8 for that matter and no doubt over, again in my opinion, that crapping Vista.  Too bad support for 7 won't be around as long yet as support for 10.

I'm sticking with 7 until they stop supporting it.
Then I will go with a Linux based OS like Ubuntu or Mint.


--- Quote from: medic350 on July 18, 2016, 10:17:11 PM ---Another reason to switch your operating system to Linux based like Ubuntu or similar which are free. Most games these days are compatible or have an emulator that acts like Windows and allows them to play. The new stable releases of Ubuntu looks and act just like Windows for the most part with minimal learning curve and it can even do help like password reset as this post says. I haven't used or paid for MS Office in years or most of the other products that MS tries to force you to purchase. I use Libre Office 5 which looks and acts just like MS Office and is completely free plus it allows you to convert your work from or to MS Office format with ease. Next computer I get will not have MS operating system installed, I will install all open source products for free, I'm tired of making Bill Gates richer than he already is.

--- End quote ---

Linux is not good for gaming. The performance is much lower than Windows version and have compatible issues with major release. However, Linux is great for programming.

Update on my Windows 10, I installed it on both my desk tops and one desk top had to be reformatted so I had them put Win 7 ultimate on that one and my other desk top kept loading updates that always failed for nearly a year and then I got the black screen so what I did was hit the reset button I think 2 times and got the blue screen and clicked on the Windows 10 reset it took a couple hours and fixed the issue including the constant updates but if this happens again I'm going to have it reformatted and install Win 7.


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