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Windows 10 to take longer to reach billion-device goal

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Travelling Bob:
I was going to stay with windows 7, but MS pushed windows 10 on to me. It takes a little getting use to.

Some of you guys saying that it was pushed on you or it downloaded automatically, yeah, MS has been pushy but to my knowledge is was not forced on you.  You either had settings allowing it to download automatically or else you hit something and gave it the ok.  In Windows Update screen, they have it listed as "Important" rather than "Optional" or at the most "Recommended". There is also a way to disable the alert which tries to get you to download it.

I had some worries about Win 10 but found out much later that my Win 7 ultimate was a fake so upgraded to windows 10 last year and it will load and shut down very quickly, nothing like the long wait for 7 ultimate. 

I really don't see any difference other than an improved operating system that also can be linked to my cell phone apps (still learning), windows Vista was hands down the worst operating system but that's what I got when I bought my first laptop it was always a slow start and slow shut down and it seemed to drag the processor down, I'm not a computer/software expert so take my comments with a grain of salt.

Only thing that I needed to do after upgrading to Win 10 was update the Java, flash players, my video card.  It's basically the same only a little different in finding the settings but there's several ways to go about that, both my desk tops have Win 10 now.  Video calls on skype or Facebook are flawless I have the A4tech web cam, even playing games online they work, the tech will claim that most of the free video games he gives you won't work but they do and there's a work around if they don't and Youtube will walk you through that.

Improvement reminds me of what it's like getting a new smart phone, what a difference in connectability and ease of apps and programs, I am not feeling any downsides even my son told me to upgrade our other desk top so I did about 3 months ago, last note I still can download music. movies from Youtube or other spots on the internet.



--- Quote from: Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am on July 16, 2016, 11:44:13 PM ---Our 2 17"  laptops we bought last year while on vacation in N. Calif had Windows 8.1 preinstalled and now has Windows 10 which was updated automatically when it became available, which I hate and we seldom use our laplaps now, since we use our cellphones most of the time.

--- End quote ---

Hi Art,

If you do not like or want Win10 on the 2x 17" laptops, open control panel & uninstall Win10. Yes even though it was automatically updated, its still easily reverted back to your original Win8 / 8.1.

I had an 10yo Dell running Win7 & a crappy Toshiba running Win8.1. First I updated the Toshiba, it worked well enough, but I do not like the fact that most in built (already installed) software required lots & lots of additional downloads to suit Win10. What a complete pain in butt. That's when I started looking about, in Win10 & on forums using my Dell (still with Win7) and finally figured out how to easily revert back to the previous Win version. So simple, no additional loading or downloading software drivers for my anti-virus, Office & many other programs I used. The reversion was simple and painless and all worked as it did before the Win10 take over. Glad to say I off loaded my Toshiba, as the CPU & video were slow and not so great. It went back to my brother, who sold it to me in the first place. All good, for both of us.

My Dell, old faithful, is still running Win7, but my new MSI kick butt machine runs Win10. Only 8 secs to login & only 20 secs to complete shutdown, except when installing updates for Win, the usual thing.


--- Quote from: JoeLP on July 17, 2016, 07:03:19 AM ---Yes, I miss the ability to play some of the older games that won't work on windows 10, but I can get over that with the much more smoothly operating system that 10 is.

--- End quote ---

Well JoeLP,

You hit this on the head. Win10 has Xbox built in and does not allow older Win games to play. The main reason is to make Win10 operators, actually PAY for new games & pay for on-line steaming. Its still all about "MONEY" and Win10, for "gamers", is to force them to buy the newer versions and use the internet more. Oh did you know, when you stream on-line, the "Apps" or games allows for MS to scan thru your computer. OH MY GOSH!!! Its part of the small print on an app for Cel & on the box the game comes in. They can trace you wherever. There are ways to use streaming & still block look ups by MS, but this is a lengthy and time & effort all consuming process. But worth it if you want to keep out "Big Brother MS".

I have this setup on my old Dell with Win7 and still tweeking the nitty gritties on my Win10 gaming laptop. It also stops FB from tracking your searches & adding adds etc. Yes MS now owns Google, which has a big stake in FB etc etc. Global control LOL, go MS (Big Brother is watching).



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