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Pinay takes helm of US naval command

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Interesting news article that I thought others might enjoy reading and commenting on.

--- Quote ---GUAM – One of the few females holding a high-ranking position in the United States Navy is a Filipino.

Born in Hawaii to Filipino parents, US Navy Rear Admiral Bette Bolivar was raised in a traditional Filipino family.

“Ang tatay ko ay taga Bicol at ang nanay ko ay taga Pangasinan (My father is from Bicol and my mother hails from Pangasinan),” Bolivar told The STAR in fluent Filipino.

Bolivar came from humble beginnings, the second of four children of Teddy Sereno Bolivar and Virginia Dolor Bolivar. Her father joined the US Navy as a steward and retired as a chief petty officer after 22 years in the service.

The first woman to assume the position of Commander Joint Region Marianas, Bolivar also holds the distinction of being the first female commander of Navy Region Northwest.

She is also the first woman to hold a number of other important positions. She is the US Defense Representative for Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau, and Commander of Naval Forces Marianas.  READ MORE

--- End quote ---

Yes, the times they are changing. Like the dinosaurs everything has its day and passes away. Welcome aboard Commander. :)

Thats cool, they should bring her here, put her in charge of US Forces in the get the position she has, she must be quite the woman...

Very proud of US Navy Rear Admiral Bette Bolivar.  :D 

Proud to be a Filipino and proud to have a Filipina in the US Navy. Filipinos are talented and skilled but are often misunderstood.


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