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Locating My Small Bus to PI


Hello there,

Glad I found your SMF forum. I was dreading the idea of getting the Yahoo Groups msgs!

I have a small company in the US midwest, and am thinking to locate myself (only) to the Subic Freeport area, and try for the special work permit / visa. I don\'t have major ambitions, but if allowed, might hire 2-4 people to do Internet marketing stuff.

Reading about the freeport, it look like an attractive offer. Import equipment tax free. Tax incentives on income. And of course being able to stay longer without visa hassles.

I could just as well run my little company from my home, but then I really wouldn\'t be able to hire people legally.

BTW, it might be a good idea to LINK to this forum from the web site. I\'ve looked at that site a lot, but only found this after searching Google...

Well thanks for reading.

Gray Wolf:

Welcome to the group.† A link?† Do you mean a link like this?

It\'s on the home page of the website right below the link to the Yahoo group.† Oh well...† †  ;D†

hehe thanks, guess i missed it....


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